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Well, accidents are the most unfortunate and inevitable events. You can’t run away from them; neither do you know when they happen.

Moreover, that experience becomes worst when it happens because of someone else’scarelessness. So, can we do nothing?

You can — not to the happenings or frequency of accidents, but to its after effect. To seek justice against the negligence of any person, you can hire a personal injury lawyer, Los Angeles, and seek fair compensation. They help people or victims of such cases with all kinds of legal proceedings and provide counseling to move ahead.

A personal injury lawyer can be understood as a civil litigator who helps people suffering from any kind of physical or psychological injury due to someone else’s carelessness or other party’s negligence.

They hold expertise in Tort law, which mostly covers injuries, bad faith or defamation actions, etc. It intends to support the injured one with financial compensations and discourage other people from performing the same kind of unlawful offense.

A personal injury lawyer assists their clients in recovering certain kinds of losses, such as the ability to work in case of serious injuries, pain and sufferings, medical expenses — both that are applicable at present and the ones that may apply in the future, loss of companions or the loved ones, emotional distress, costs involved in legal proceedings, fees of lawyers, etc.

They are important to protect their clients from being charged falsely by insurance companies and civil proceedings.

So basically, if you are hurt because of someone else’s negligence, consulting with a personal injury lawyer, Los Angles should be your very next step after taking proper medication.

Well, you can get a personal injury lawyer in the Los Angeles personal injury law firm, but don’t hesitate to explore other online options, too.

Personal injury lawyers are specialized in some particular fields of law and hence, handle civil
personal injury cases in a better way than other litigators.

Basically, they do the same work as most of the litigators do — they start their proceedings by gathering essential information related to the case, collect pieces of evidence; investigate the claims, work according to the legal theories, and after getting a brief about them, they inform their clients about the merits of their cases.

This job involves performing various activities like filing a case, discovering evidence, and interviewing witnesses, etc.

All these tasks help build a strong foundation for the case, and hence, they are crucial, but that’s not it!

They also advocate for their clients during and after the trial and provide other aids like counseling to help them out with the legal proceedings.

Los Angeles personal injury law firms get numerous cases filed daily; thus, the personal injury lawyers handle multiple cases at the same time. They work with tight deadlines, hustle to get appropriate dates of hearings and juggle between different clients. Still, these negative aspects don’t bother them as most of them consider the act of begetting justice to the victims as a noble act.

Lawsuits filed in case of personal injury can be typical sometimes, and thus, these lawyers exist to help you with that complicated stuff.

To hire the best personal injury lawyer, contact us today!

Did you know that Los Angeles was reported to have over 2.5 times the accidental cases as San Diego and the California city? It was also reported as the second state with the highest number of people who got hospitalized due to accidental injuries.

Similarly, San Diego was reported to have 25,436 people injured in 2013, while California’s numbers of accident cases were also shocking. According to a report published by California public health department, California observed 67,534 injury cases in 2013, which is almost double the number of cases in San Diego.

Los Angeles is one of the most densely populated cities in the US and thus, records the highest number of accidents every year. The Greater LA area is one of the most densely populated areas — more than 19 million people live in just 34000 square miles. Being one of the largest cities of California and a great contributor to America’s economy, its diverse population is quite obvious. And this great population just results in great traffic and hence, the chances of accidents get significantly higher.

If you have faced an accident like a motorcycle or car crash, slip and fall, or any other type of accident, you might know that, along with physical injuries, these accidents come with several

other issues. They retard you mentally, physically, and economically. Certain most common expenses are…

  • Hospitalization cost and other medical expenses
  • Damage to an asset like car or motorcycle
  • Feeling of depression, stress, and anxiety
  • A severe injury that may last for longer than usual
  • Work loss

You might feel relaxed if you have insurance in case of an accident. But can it help you out?


In many cases, it is found that insurance companies try to get back from their responsibilities. Insurance personnel try to settle your claim in a lesser amount than you can get in an accident. Thus, it is better to contact a personal injury lawyer, Los Angeles in such cases.

So, it would be better if you fight back!

Contact a Los Angeles, CA, personal injury attorney to know what should be your next steps to get the best claims. You can get a consultation, which may get you an appropriate claim amount. There are chances that you would not even need to knock on the court’s door because your personal injury attorney will examine every aspect related to the accident and will calculate the claim amount from the person at fault.

Your claim just gets stronger with a person possessing sound legal knowledge by your side. Thus, it is better to contact a personal injury attorney than insurance personnel in case of an accident. Don’t handle the communication on your own! A lawyer will get you a better claim amount than your insurance company can offer.

Type of personal injury claims in Los Angeles, CA

Every state has different rules and laws for personal injury, and these laws cover certain kinds of accidents for which you can get a claim amount. Described below are some of the types of accidents for which you can file a lawsuit and can get compensated.

  • Pedestrian accident
  • Car accident
  • Brain injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • Truck accidents
  • Slip and fall accident
  • Bicycle accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Spinal cord injuries

These situations are very common causes of personal injuries, in which a person gets injured due to the carelessness of another person. So if you met with any such type of accident, then you should soon contact a personal injury lawyer, Los Angeles.

Well, cutting a long story short — you should!

But, the question “why” still stands, so let’s be reasonable…

Personal injury is one of the most typical areas of law, mainly because each state in the US has its personal injury laws. Thus, if you want to fight a case, you need to have a sound knowledge of both state and federal laws of personal injury.

Is it easy to gather knowledge about these laws while coping up with your injuries? No, right? These fields are complicated, and you need expert professionals to deal with them.

Moreover, even if you manage to gain knowledge of laws, you will not be aware of the operating procedure of the court. The working of the court follows strict deadlines, and you might fail to meet them, and the juggling between fighting for claims and recovering from your injury can further drain your resources.

And on the other hand, experienced personal injury lawyers, Los Angeles, possess appropriate knowledge about laws and court proceedings. They know everything about the way a court functions. Thus, if you hire a personal injury attorney, there is no chance of missing a deadline because your lawyer would be there to take care of it.

In most cases, the case is filed against a big and powerful company, and these companies are mostly legally stronger than an individual. Also, they hire highly experienced attorneys to deal with such cases. Thus, if you try to fight with them alone, there is a pretty good chance that you will lose the case.

Thus, hiring a personal injury attorney, Los Angeles, CA, can really benefit you. So let’s point down the exact benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer…

  • You will know how much amount to claim
    People usually don’t have an idea about the amount to be claimed in a personal injury case. There is a pretty good chance that you don’t know it too. But, your personal injury attorney can calculate and provide you with the exact amount that could be claimed.
  • You’ll save a lot of time
    Legal proceedings are quite lengthy and require a lot of time, but if you have a personal attorney, he/she can complete it in a significantly lesser time with the help of his/her knowledge and experience.
  • It can help you recover fast
    The legal proceedings are quite frustrating and stressful and may even increase your stress level. If you hire a personal injury attorney, Los Angeles, CA, then you can recover faster.

When it comes to the average payout of a claim, you can’t be really fixated on one particular amount; neither is there any one-size-fits-all calculator to calculate the amount of your claim. The payout for a personal injury claim depends majorly on the severity/seriousness of the injuries. Therefore, the best way to get the maximum claim amount is to discuss your case with a reputed personal injury lawyer, Los Angeles.

Factors that impact personal injury settlement amounts

As said, the claim settlement amount in Los Angeles is not fixed; it can be under $10,000 or can even go beyond a million. Moreover, it is also clear that the claim amount majorly depends on the severity of the injuries, but is there anything else that affects the amount? Well, yes!

The injury attorney analyzes your injury in a different way; so, while you may look at your injury like a broken leg or hand, slip disc, or a ligament tear, your attorney will look at it as the loss of your ability to work; he will also relate it with your family, like have you lost someone from your family in an accident, or what is the scope of your injury — is it short-term or long- term, what was your medical condition before your accident, etc. And after examining all your injuries and their seriousness, your attorney will decide on a particular claim amount.

Some injuries are not diagnosed in the initial period but appear after a long duration. Your injury attorney, Los Angeles, CA, accounts for all such types of injuries, the amount for their diagnosis, and hence, treatment in the claim.

While calculating the claim amount, your attorney might look at some other factors too, like your age, medical expenses, the long-term effect of injury, the short-term effect of injury, the seriousness of the injury, etc. 

Moreover, you can skip the step of legal proceedings if your attorney finds your defendant’s offer good; it will save you time and money.

Other variables that affect monetary awards
There is also a term called comparative negligence, which plays a major role in deciding the exact amount of the claim. So, if the plaintiff is found to be 60% negligent during the accident, or he/she was at 60% fault, then the claim amount would be reduced by 60%. That’s one reason why the quality of your lawyer matters a lot. When the company/firm or the party at fault would realize its mistake, they would try to reduce the claim amount by proving your fault.

According to California negligence laws, if you get hurt due to the negligence of someone else — whether intentionally or unintentionally, you can sue that person and can file a claim for personal injury if the negligence was involved from that person’s end. 

But negligence is not involved in every case. Like, if you are walking in a public place and suddenly gets trip and fall. Now in such cases, there is no one’s negligence, so you can’t sue anyone in the court. But if you are walking and gets fell in an open manhole or a slippery floor, then in such cases, the owner of that property will be held liable. And you can claim for personal injury in this case.

Every state has decided a time duration in which you can report such a case of personal injury to get the claim. But even after that, additional time is provided in some special cases, like if you discover your injury later. In most cases, brain injuries are not diagnosed in starting but can appear after some time. However, 2 years is provided in normal cases.

The time duration of a year or 2 might sound huge, but it isn’t because there is a possibility that you might forget about the case. So, it is better to contact your personal injury attorney within weeks of your accident so that your attorney will get sufficient time to investigate and get you a decent claim amount.

In most cases, insurance companies try to settle claims soon to pay less, but you should not hurry and do not accept any amount without consulting with your attorney.

They can help you in the cases of negligence, such as truck accidents, car accidents, wrongful death cases, medical malpractices, child day-care negligence, legal malpractices, and other similar cases. 

Negligent cases that occur due to the carelessness of one person can cause injuries to some other person. For example, if a driver of a vehicle is drunk while driving or using the phone can endanger his as well as someone else’s life. And thus, in this case, the driver will be called the negligent driver.

Similarly, if a landowner refuses to repair the dangerous stirs or improper floor, then that person will be held liable for negligence and providing an unsafe environment for visitors.

A report shows that negligence is one of the main causes in almost all types of accidents, like in a vehicle accident that may involve a car, motorcycle, bus, truck, or even a dog attack, slip and fall accidents, construction site accidents, hit and run, swimming pool and train accidents.

Even the health care sector gets involved in many negligence cases every year. Medical negligence cases occur when a medical professional or a doctor fails to perform his/her duty in providing a healthy environment to the patient or the care that he/she would have received in normal circumstances. In such cases, the person found guilty is held liable for negligence and hence, for the claim amount of personal injury. If you face any such case, you can contact your personal injury lawyer, Los Angeles.

There are also cases where the poor quality of commercial products causes personal injuries. In such cases, your personal injury attorney, Los Angeles, CA, investigates the manufacturing defect and files a claim.

There is another type of case in which a person didn’t intend to harm you, and its negligence causes an accident. The best example of such type of cases is a car accident in which a person is injured due to the negligence of another person.

Every day millions of cars travel on the roads of Los Angeles. But car accidents are constantly increasing these days and the reason behind them is quite obvious — negligence. It is quite common to find cases of overspeeding, rash driving, and negligence while driving.

But are these accidents fatal? Well, let’s deduce the answers by the facts and figures published by the Los Angeles Police Department. 

According to the data presented by Los Angeles Police Department, more than 54000 car accidents took place in 2019 — that estimates around 150 crashes per day. Among these accidents, 236 accidents were fatal.

Shocking, isn’t it?

These numbers clearly show that Car accidents in Los Angles are serious, and even you may come across one. 

The settlement rate is not certain in all accidents, and it depends upon some factors, like your loss in the crash, the seriousness of the injury; therefore, a higher loss would get you a higher claim settlement. You can get compensated from both the opposition party and from the insurance company if you file a lawsuit. What’s the best part? A personal injury lawyer, Los Angeles, can help you in such cases.

Insurance settlement claims

In case of a car accident, if the opposite driver has the fault and his/her vehicle is covered by insurance, then in such cases, the amount will depend on the policy of that driver. However, the average claim settlement rate that you can get in a car accident here in California is $21,000. However, this claim amount depends on some factors, and you can get better insight into that with the help of a car accident lawyer, Los Angeles. 

To hire the best car accident lawyer, contact us today!

A report of Los Angeles says that motorcycle fatalities contribute 14% to the total roadway death.

Have you ever been got injured in a motorcycle cycle accident due to someone else’s negligence? If yes, then did you claim any personal injury lawsuit against the person responsible for your injuries? 

No? Well, you should have contacted a personal injury lawyer. They can assist you in all paper works, insurance filling, and police reports. In case of fatality, they will also guide you in getting the cost of the funeral and coroner’s report. In such a case, the technical assistance of a professional can save you a lot of time and money.

Liability of motorcycle accidents

A motorcycle accident case goes to court when one of the two parties sues the other. And it financially helps the victim if found innocent.

If the negligence of one party was found as the reason for the accident, then the person at fault would be held liable for personal injury claims. 

Described below are some of the examples of fault parties…

  • The driver of a vehicle

Consider an example, if a driver of a vehicle is operating a mobile phone while driving, then he/she would be held responsible for the accident.

  • A person who works for another person

If a driver is working at the time of the accident, then in such cases, the employer of that person will also be held responsible. 

  • The vehicle manufacturer or the maintenance personnel

There is a possibility that the poor manufacturing quality of your vehicle causes your accident. In such cases, the manufactures of the vehicle would be held responsible.

  • The transportation authority or municipality

The municipality or the transportation authority will be held responsible if a fault in roadways is found.

Los Angeles personal injury law firm can help you in civil proceedings against the opposition party. This personnel has a lot of experience in such field thus whenever you met with a motorcycle accident, soon contact Motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles or bike accident lawyer Los Angeles.

To hire the best motorcycle accident lawyer, contact us today!

Slip-and-fall accidents are one of the most common types of accidents. But these could be fatal too. A report of The National Floor Safety Institute shows that more than 8 million people got hospitalized in slip-and-fall accidents every year. These types of accidents cause injuries in the spine and legs and can even keep you away from your work for weeks.

And did you know that trips are the main cause of slip-and-fall accidents, and many people get hospitalized due to this kind of accident in America every year? 

The slip and fall accident can occur anywhere, like in your home, public places, offices, commercial place, or anyone’s private property.

In almost every state in the US, every landowner is advised to keep their floors safe for themselves, visitors, and common people. Especially, store owners are advised to maintain proper lighting, clean and slip-resistant floors to prevent any unwanted harm to their customers.

A landowner who fails in maintaining these floor standards is held responsible for any slip-and-fall accident on his/her land. 

If you come across any such type of accident, then you should contact personal injury lawyer Los Angeles. You will get compensated by the party at fault. But, is it really necessary to contact a lawyer for such situations? 

Well, the following points are considered in deciding who will be held responsible for a slip and fall accident.

  • Were you distracted while walking on the floor, like using the phone
  • Were you trespassing, or were you lawfully present at the site of the accident
  • If the improper design of a floor or stair becomes the cause of your accident, then in such cases, the owner of that property will be held responsible.
  • If a floor is found not found according to the clauses, then the owner of that land will be held responsible.

Slip and fall are common forms of accidents, and you would be manipulated to accept that it was your fault in the court, and you might get trapped in such manipulation. That’s exactly why you should contact a slip and fall lawyer Los Angeles so that you can get the compensation you deserve. 

Accidents at the working site are very common, especially on a construction site. And ignorance towards it is a lot more common; so if a worker got injured while performing his duty, most of the time, he/she ignores it, endures the pain, and continues to work while knowing that he/she can get compensation for the same.

But, do you know that the injuries that a person gets while doing in-office jobs also get compensated? Let’s understand it better…

So, if an employee or employer gets injured while performing their duty on the job or gets any kind of occupational illness, then it is called workers’ compensation injury. The employee or employer is entitled to claim compensation from the company for the same.

Hence, if that claim gets approved, the employee receives compensation for his medical bills, wages, etc. But it isn’t easy.

The process becomes complex because of the involvement of multiple parties — the employer, the employee, the insurance company, and hence, it may take longer to receive the claims than it should. Moreover, most of the time, insurance companies try to solve the case by paying a small amount.

What are the options?

Well, you can always go to workers comp lawyer Los Angeles and ask for support. They are professionals with relevant knowledge in the respective field. They may save your time and energy in claiming your compensation.

To hire the best worker comp lawyer, contact us today!

Well, this question is definitely painful, but practically, it is a very important question to acknowledge. Although no money can fix things, you should thrive to claim justice for the negligence of the culprit. If you feel that your loved one has come across a wrongful death, you should file a wrongful death lawsuit! 

You can file a wrongful death lawsuit if a person has lost his/her life due to the negligence of someone else. But, filing a wrongful death lawsuit against a party is definitely a complicated process, and handling it while still fighting and coping up with the grief of your loss could be emotionally hazardous. If you think you can’t manage it, you can contact a personal injury lawyer, Los Angeles.

But all these efforts won’t go in vain because if the person is found guilty in such cases, he/she can be held under serious criminal charges.

Certain laws in California limit the time to file a lawsuit against a person. This period is of 2 years, and you can launch a wrongful death lawsuit in this period. These laws are made to avoid malpractices and misuse of the law.

Any family member, spouse, children, or parents surviving in the accident can bring a wrongful death claim in California. There are even more factors that decide who can launch a wrongful death lawsuit and are more complicated to understand. But if no one survives in the accident, then other people are also eligible to file the wrongful death claim.

But in such cases, it is better to contact a lawyer. He/she can help you in suggesting who can file the wrongful death claim. 

To hire the best worker comp lawyer, contact us today!

Well, mostly yes! You can get compensated if you get bitten by someone else’s dog; all you need to do is file a personal injury claim against the owner of the dog.

But, filing this type of claim can be a little tedious, as for that, you need to know certain important clauses that might break or make your case. 

Dog Owner Liability in California

The California law states that a dog owner will be held liable to compensate the victim if the following points are found true…

  • The victim gets injured due to a dog bite.
  • The victim was present in a public place or was present lawfully in anyone’s private place when bitten.

The California laws for dog bites are strict. It means that the dog’s owner will be held liable even though if he/she didn’t know about the reasons for the dog’s aggressive behavior. You will even get compensated if a dog jumps on you or tries to scratch you. 

Basically, to increase the amount of claim! They possess better knowledge about such cases and hence, can get you the best claim settlement. Let’s know the ground for which you may get compensated… 

Los Angeles dog bite compensation

The compensation that a victim may receive in a dog bite case may vary with the financial losses and seriousness of injuries.

Your lawyer might get you compensated for the following damages.

  • Medical expenses
  • Permanent Scarring or Disfigurement –
  • Lost Wages or Earning Potential
  1. Medical Bills —

Well, it might be the very first expense that you would come across, and it could be massive too. Moreover, if the injury was severe enough to get you stitches or surgery, the bill would also still increase. But, the good news is you can get it compensated from the other party. 

  1. Permanent Scarring or Disfigurement —

Although “Scars” might not appear a big deal to some individuals, their existence can’t be ignored. No money can put the things back as they used to be again, you can’t be the same again, so you should claim to get decent compensation for all your sufferings. 

  1. Lost Wages or Earning Potential —

A canine attack can definitely retard you for some days, which may adversely affect your work, but you don’t need to worry a lot as you can get the compensation for this too. 

To hire the best dog-bite lawyer, contact us today!

Pedestrians can file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver who hits or injures them. They are also entitled to receive compensation for the damage caused.

So, if you accidentally hit a pedestrian, there is a possibility that the victim might file a personal injury lawsuit against you to recover his/her losses in the accident. In some cases, the pedestrian may also file an insurance claim with the driver’s insurance company.

The pedestrian will only get compensated in an insurance claim or a lawsuit only if the driver is found at fault in an accident (or negligence of the driver is found).

After the accident, the police record statements of both parties involved in the accident; they also record the statements of the witnesses of the accident to understand the situation better. These reports help in examining whether the pedestrian has broken any traffic rules or not; or, there was any other kind of negligence from the driver, and hence, they are crucial parts of evidence, which can make or break your case.

The pedestrian injured in the accident might ask for compensation from the faulty driver. And the faulty driver may need to compensate for the medical expenses and the other losses.

In most cases, the victim gets compensated by the insurance company. But in some cases, insurance companies do not compensate, and the faulty driver is asked to compensate the whole amount.

Well, unfortunate accidents happen with everyone. But, it is crucial to understand who was at fault before compensating. So, no matter how it appears, always consult with a pedestrian accident lawyer Los Angeles before agreeing on any kind of compensation. Maybe, it wasn’t your fault!

To hire the best dog-bite lawyer, contact us today!

Hire a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

The personal injury lawyers, Los Angeles, have been working hard for years to provide justice to the victims of someone else’s negligence. We have made countless efforts to help our clients by providing the best legal expertise, and as a result, we have garnered the attention of national and local legal organizations.

We provide the best quality services to our clients, but who would decide that our services are good? Well, that’s a very legit question, so apart from our expertise in our respected area, you can expect the below services from us; read ahead and find for yourself if we are a good fit…


Personal injury lawyers, Los Angeles, CA, are usually quite busy. Whenever you require assistance in legal services, it is always better to go with the best attorney. However, a good attorney might already have an overwhelming number of cases at hand, so it’s best to choose someone who is more available. We understand that assigning good time to your case would strengthen your case, so that’s what we do!

General Experience

Hiring a master is always better than hiring the jack of all trades. So, you need someone who possesses great talent and experience in the relevant field or one who is familiar with your type of case. It is important because these attorneys would always know what they are doing, and they can simply let you know everything beforehand. They might even help you get a decent settlement by the defendant party without filing a case.


Accidents can be quite shocking and emotionally hazardous, especially when after someone loses their loved one. Hire someone who can be sympathetic to you and your case. In such cases, these attorneys play an important role and carry proceedings on your behalf. We understand this, and hence, we fight alongside you while letting you recover.

Reliability or efficiency

A good attorney will complete his/her task with full efficiency and professionalism. They work closely with their clients and assist them with their legal proceedings while understanding his/her case and acts accordingly.


Well, you need to know whether the case is going well or not. Therefore, your attorney should be honest enough to report to you the actual situation of the case. We believe in open communication and attempt to communicate each and every step to our client.

So, if you are hurt, contact us today!

History of success

History of success can be used to determine the efficiency of an attorney. So try to go with one who has well record in dealing with cases of personal injury.

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No matter what type of incident produced the injury we can help.

After an accident what should you do to protect yourself both medically and financially? At the Southern California law firm of Law Specialists Group we provide people who have been accidentally injured our quality legal assistance.

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